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Top Gold IRA Companies Reviewed

BBB Rating
Annual Fees
Min. Investment
Best Storage
More Info
1A+1st year waived$10,000Read Review
2ABased on amountN/ARead Review
3ABased on amountN/ARead Review
4B-Based on amount$10,000Read Review
5A-Based on amount$1,500Read Review
6ABased on amount$5,000Read Review
7ABased on amount$5,000Read Review
8A$160N/ARead Review

The Best Gold IRA Companies Reviewed

Welcome to GoldRollover.org for information on the benefits of a Gold IRA Rollover and Gold IRA Investing. You will find reviews on the best most trustworthy companies to invest with, as well as, pertinent information you should consider when making an investment decision. With the continual devaluation of the dollar, precious metals investing has become and continues to be a very popular and wise investment choice.

Gold-BullionHowever, not all investment companies are created equal, so deciding who to trust your money with can make a huge difference in your retirement fund. We have reviewed the top precious metals investment companies for you to review. Once you know what to look for then you will feel comfortable moving forward with such an important financial decision.

Where to Start with your IRA Rollover

Once you have decided on your gold IRA rollover, your first step is to find the right company to handle your gold IRA, and ensure it complies with IRS rules. Ideally, it should be a gold investment company specializing in gold retirement accounts. However, this decision is becoming increasingly difficult, as more and more companies are coming into the market to compete for a share of this profitable business. So how do you know where to start in making the choice?

Do Not Buy Gold or Precious Metals …

Without First Abiding by These Essential Steps:.

  • Analyze Multiple Companies & Check Their Reputations with the BBB, Trustlink, the BCA, and Rip Off Report.
  • Learn Exactly Which RED FLAGS to Be On the Look Out For.
  • Understand the Little known Query You Can Ask Virtually any Gold Vendor, That Can Instantly Give You the Edge.

Can you Trust Them?

When looking for a company to whom to hand over your life savings, obviously the most important thing you want to know is whether you can trust them, or whether they are out to scam you. You need to look at their reputation, and their track record, including how long they have been involved in this business. You also want to know what other people’s experience of them has been like. One of the most reliable ways of finding out how reliable gold IRA companies are is to check them out with the major ratings agencies — BBB (Better Business Bureau), BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and TrustLink. BBB accredits companies if they meet its criteria, and also rates them from F to A+, depending on various factors, including the number of customer complaints received and how they have been dealt with. BCA also rates companies from F to AAA, on a similar basis. TrustLink invites reviewers to award 1-5 stars, and the overall TrustLink rating of 1-5 stars will be an average of all ratings awarded.

Unbiased Reviews

These agencies’ sites are also the best places to find unbiased reviews about a company. You can, of course, find reviews all over the Internet, including the companies’ own websites, but you cannot always be sure they are unbiased. Positive reviews could be from people trying to promote the company.

Look at Complaints

Another good way of judging a company’s trustworthiness is by the level of complaints. There will always be disgruntled customers, so the odd complaint here and there doesn’t mean much, but a large volume of complaints will give food for thought. The most common categories of complaint about gold IRA companies involve first of all shipping, concerning orders delivered late or not at all, followed by sales tactics, including high pressure sales, misleading claims, and bait-and-switch tactics. The next most common categories involve poor customer service, and exorbitant fees.

What About Fees?

Fees are in fact one of the important factors you need to check out, as companies’ charges vary enormously. There are different categories of fees, including initial set-up fees, annual administration fees, and annual storage fees. What you should also be looking for is a company that charges flat fees, rather than operating a sliding scale as the account grows — but beware; many companies are not up-front about this issue.

Range of Investments

It’s important too to check that a company offers a wide range of investment options. Ensure that they don’t just concentrate on gold, but offer the full range of precious metals, and also a wide product selection, so you can be sure of finding the investment you want. It’s also important to check that, should the need arise, you will have the option to sell your gold back to the company at a favorable rate.

How We Conducted Our Reviews & Base Our Referrals

Evaluating a gold company is not as straightforward as looking at their BBB rating. We’ve found providers with an A+ BBB rating, though simultaneously being under a federal government investigation. So it is very important to consider multiple factors. If we check out the BBB by itself, we not only look at a company’s score.

We check out the amount of grievances, the time span that those problems took place, the type of grievances, and whether the complaints were dealt with. One gold company we reviewed has an A+ BBB rating, but 56 grievances. While another A+ graded firm has absolutely no problems. The reason the first company maintained an A+ rating is most likely due to the fact that all of the 56 dissatisfactions were solved. But at the same time, it is very obvious which company you’d be better off working with. While it is great that the first provider resolved their problems, it is not particularly comforting to know that several customers needed to go to the BBB so as to get their issues resolved. This may indicate major customer care troubles. Perhaps they are simply worrieded about complaints that are made public? Again, that is not a good sign. But the BBB is not the only source of our own reviews and recommendations.

We also count on Trustlink. But Trustlink isn’t perfect either. A lot of individuals may feel safe by finding a company has a 5 star ranking with Trustlink. But in our analysis, we discovered that one company obtained a 5 star ranking built upon 300 client testimonials, while another firm had a 5 star ranking based on only 1 review. Even though both firms maintain the highest rating Trustlink has to offer, there is still quite a difference. Additionally, we relied on testimonials from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Yet again, this evaluation body is not perfect either.

The greatest ranking offered at the BCA is AAA. One business has an AAA with 67 dissatisfactions and a pending lawsuit from the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office. A different agency has a B ranking without any testimonials. another has an A+ mark with zero complaints. Here again, it means we have to search deeper into the troubles. Have they been settled? Not only do we study these Third party analysis sites, and discover the agency with the best comprehensive ranking on all of them. We take into account the amount of years in business. After all, if an agency started last month and has no complaints, it doesn’t always mean they are wonderful. When a provider has been around ten years may have 1 or 2 issues, they may be a far better choice. Additional sources include RipOffReport.com, Yelp, and Complaint Board.

Finally, we research any former or expected investigations, legal actions and penalties that the firms have dealt with. As you can observe, we go to exceptional lengths to determine who qualifies, and who doesn’t quite hack it. However, ultimately, our assessments and information are merely meant to be a guideline. Nothing can compare with your own investigation, and ultimately your personal experience and “gut” feeling you get when you speak to any of these companies directly.

Who Do We Recommend?


regal assets5-stars

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Regal Assets Clearly Stands Out…

When you look at the 30 or 40 leading gold IRA companies, and evaluate them according to these criteria, you will find that there are only about half a dozen that emerge as good prospects for your gold IRA rollover. Of these, you will see that there is just one that stands out in a class by itself, and that is Regal Assets. This is the company that most financial experts recommend as the best one to trust with your retirement funds.

Flawless Record

If you check this company with the ratings agencies, you will see that its score here is flawless. It has an A+ from BBB, with zero complaints — the only company to have this record — and AAA from BCA. Its 5-star rating from TrustLink is based on no fewer than 454 reviews, and the average of 5 stars means these must be almost 100% positive.

Wide Reputation

However, Regal Assets’ reputation extends far beyond the ratings agencies. The company has attracted a large number of unsolicited endorsements from prominent media personalities, some of whom state it is the only company they would trust. Even more significantly, it has been featured in Forbes Magazine, and has the distinction of being included in Inc. Magazine’s top 500, being ranked #20 in the whole USA for financial services.

Speed of Service

There are a large number of reasons why Regal Assets has attracted this level of approbation. One of the aspects most often cited is their phenomenal speed of service. Your gold IRA rollover is set up within 48 hours of placing your order, and your gold is guaranteed to reach the depository within 7 days, otherwise you are compensated with a complimentary silver coin. No other company comes close to matching this.

Excellent Fee Structure

Again, looking at the important issue of fees, you will see that, while most other companies charge on a sliding scale, Regal charge a flat fee of only $100 administration plus $150 storage per year, whatever the size of your account. What’s more, they waive the first year’s fees completely for most investors, and charge no set-up fee at all. Not only this, but their low storage fee is for segregated storage — most companies, if they provide segregated storage at all, charge extra for it.

Buy-back Program

Yet another aspect of Regal Assets’ service that many customers appreciate is their buy-back program, which most companies do not provide. If you need to liquidate your gold purchase for any reason, it could take you a while to find a buyer. Regal Assets guarantee to buy your holding back from you at that day’s market price — which is likely to be more than you paid for it.

Outstanding Customer Service

Some of the most glowing tributes from reviews concern the commitment of the Regal Assets staff to outstanding customer service. Reviewers testify that staff always treat you as a valued individual, not a sales prospect, and their priority is to provide advice that is in your best interests — so high pressure sales tactics are never used. In addition, once your gold IRA rollover is set up, you are provided with your own personal investment adviser, for round-the-clock support. You have a full choice of investment options, including the complete range of precious metals, and an exceptionally wide selection of product offerings from around the world.

Make the Right Decision

The decisions you make about your retirement savings are some of the most important you will ever make. Of these decisions, choosing a gold IRA rollover, and selecting the right company to handle it, must be among the most crucial, and you don’t get a second chance if you get them wrong. Regal Assets has a sterling reputation to maintain as the number 1 company to be trusted with your savings, so if you choose them, you can be confident that your trust will not be misplaced.


So…Why Gold?

Whatever your age, securing your retirement is one of the most important things you have to do during your working life, and for the majority of people, the most tax-efficient way to do this is through an IRA, or individual retirement arrangement. However, during the last couple of decades, investors approaching retirement have become increasingly alarmed, as they see the value of traditional IRA assets, such as cash, bonds and stocks, eroded by inflation and economic uncertainty. If you have not considered a gold IRA rollover, now is surely the time to do so.

And…What Is a Gold IRA?

An IRA is an account you set up with a financial institution, enabling you to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis — it’s not an investment, but a container or basket in which you place a range of investment assets. Since 1997, IRS rules have allowed these assets to include gold and other precious metals. With a traditional IRA, options for gold investment can include gold ETFs, gold mining stocks, gold futures and gold mutual funds, but not physical coins or bullion. The trouble is that, if you are like many people, you will feel that, in the current climate, physical gold is the safest kind of gold investment, and the only way to ensure real security for the future. In order to put physical gold or other precious metals into your account, it is necessary to open a self-directed IRA, which gives you the full range of options. If you already have a traditional IRA or a 401k, the way to do this is through a gold IRA rollover.

And…What Is a Rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is simply a process whereby you move your funds from a traditional or Roth IRA, or a 401k, to a new self-directed IRA, which among other options allows you to hold physical gold and other precious metals. The IRS approves the process, and it does not count as a distribution for tax purposes provided the funds are in the new account within 60 days. Once your funds are in your self-directed IRA, you have complete control over your investment decisions, and you have access to a wide range of non-traditional assets, including gold.

Tell Me Again…Why Gold in an IRA?

The whole point of having a retirement account is to give you security for your later years, but this is just what traditional assets, like mutual funds, stocks and bonds, don’t provide. The main problem with these is that they are paper assets — they represent wealth held by someone else, not by you. The paper simply contains a promise to pay you the value of the asset at some future date — but this promise can be broken, or the value could have sunk to zero, making the paper worthless.

goldTangible Assets

For security, what you need is not paper assets, but tangible assets. If you hold physical gold, it is actual wealth held by yourself. The value of your portfolio is not dependent on promises from governments or companies, or on the performance of currencies or economies.

Inflation your Enemy

The other big problem with traditional assets is that they are subject to inflation, and inflation is your greatest enemy in retirement. You have far less ability than working people to keep ahead of inflation through pay raises or job promotions. If you see your assets constantly eroded, there is very little you can do about it. There is a particular problem with cash IRAs, as they use the US dollar as their investment tool, and the dollar has fallen steadily for decades. In fact, if you look at the dollar, you will see that its decline in value has been staggering. Since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913, the dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power, and 80% of this has been lost since 1971, when it became purely a fiat currency with no gold backing. Now there are clear signs that it could be losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. On the other hand, gold is well known as a safe haven and a hedge against inflation. As the Consumer Price Index rises, the price of gold normally rises in tandem with it. In addition, because gold is bought and sold internationally in US dollars, any fall in the dollar’s value on international markets causes gold prices to rise. hyperinflation

International Buying

In fact, gold’s safe haven status is one of the major factors that will virtually guarantee its continued growth in value. Internationally, central banks around the world have been adopting a policy of increasing their holdings of gold, as a proportion of their foreign reserves. This is particularly striking in the case of emerging markets such as Russia, India and China, where there is a concerted effort to diversify away from US dollars and the US bond market, as confidence in these diminishes. China’s aim in fact is to hold sufficient gold to back its entire currency — so, for this reason alone, the gold price is not going to go down anytime soon. map

Boost from Billionaires

Meanwhile, at home too, gold’s status as a refuge from the uncertainties of the global economy continues to drive demand. Apart from institutional investors, support for gold has recently received further boosts from several billionaire hedge fund managers and investment superstars, including George Soros and John Paulson. In addition, Bill Gross of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company), one of the biggest investment managers in the world, has urged investors to get into precious metals. rogers klarman einhorn

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Regal Assets